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The Online MS in Food Safety program is a Professional Science Masters, which means its core curriculum is based heavily in the sciences while also including leadership and food law components. Elective choices have been designed to offer students flexibility according to their interests by addressing the large number of current issues which face food safety and regulatory professionals today. The program’s courses are immediately applicable to students current positions while, at the same time, preparing them for future leadership roles within food regulation and industry. This accredited program is a non-traditional, terminal degree requiring a Plan-B Applied Project. It consists of 10 3-credit courses, pulling content from more than 80 instructors and subject experts from around the world. Between 2002 and 2017, over 500 students and alumni have participated in this program, gaining important knowledge and earning their degrees from homes, offices, or while traveling on the road. What about you?


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"This program has changed my entire life and has created a whole new world for me. I am glad that I am finished but also sooooooo sorry too!"

– Jennifer Chin
  • 2012 Graduate